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cialis online kaufen legal In the early days of enterprise resource planning packages,Organizations are concentrating their IT investment and resources in streamlining their business processes like Finance, Inventory, production, purchase and sales.Once the internal processes are in place, the next step is to bring their external processes into a web of close monitoring. the external processes are like CRM, SCM, SRM are then brought into the core business package.

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propecia langzeitwirkung Now, the service oriented architecture of all the standard products give an option viagra online to get integrated with each other. two organizations involved in a business should be able to communicate properly irrespective of their ERP packages being different. Integration technology plays a major role in integrating two different systems and establishing a communication between them.

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frauen viagra flüssig Ratiocination's expertise is in integrating two different systems to the deserved extent and enables the data to flow freely from one to one or one to many. we use different integration tools which are proven and has an excellent capabilities to integrate systems.

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  • Business to business
  • Process to process
  • H.O to Branches using different ERP
  • two companies using same or different systems
  • H.O and franchises

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